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  In the language area of the Montessori environment is enriched in a numbers of ways.

Vocabulary classification and matching exercises develop visual perception, enrich vocabulary development, self-expression, writting language and reading.


  Our Montessori program is specially prepared to bring order and beauty into the child's environment as well as give opportunities for children to enjoy their own individual art expression.



Montessori sensorial activities are those wich refine the five senses- tactile,visual, auditory, olfactory and gustatory senses.The child studies his environment through his senses.



* CARE OF SELF- Children become physically independent. These may include activities such as: wash hands, how to tie shoes, how to pack a lunch, how to botton a shirt, etc.







*  CARE OF THE ENVIRONMENT- The children are proud of their environment. These activities may include: how to clean dishes, how to sweep the floor, how to clean the leaves, how to water the plants, how to clean up spills, etc.





The Montessori teacher introduces activities such as:How to shake hands, saying please and thank you,how to interrupt someone, how to ask for help,etc.


 The child needs to practice the body's movements.

"Walking on the line"exercise helps the child control his body, develop balance and perfect equilibrium,as well as to strengthen the mind's control of its body's movements.

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